Office Posturing

By, 09/21/2012

When you hear tips on thriving in the workplace, you’ll mostly hear about networking, organization, focusing your attention, and so on. However, an often overlooked (especially by newer employees) driver of workplace prosperity is comfort, but not the comfort you may initially imagine—no pillows or dim lighting here! No, workplace comfort, or ergonomics, addresses your relationship with your work environment and equipment and can dramatically affect your success at work.

Maintaining good posture is a form of ergonomics and can do wonders for your work performance and health. Good posture helps keep you alert by using more muscles than slouching, and promotes less discomfort in the long run. One way to support good posture (or wrists, or legs, or, or, or) is to contact your Human Resources department to see what help they might be able to provide, like back cushions, ergonomic keyboards or foot rests.

Many HR departments are tasked with helping employees (and therefore the employer) thrive, and they understand the importance of keeping employees comfortable and healthy in the office. Remember, your relationship with your employer is a two-way street. The more you thrive as an employee, the more successful the business is overall.