One Quick Step Forward … Two Longer Steps Back

By, 12/05/2012

A shortcut lets you reach an end goal with reduced time and effort. But in the real world, shortcuts can carry less welcome consequences. Nevertheless, they can be very tempting, especially when you realize the extra work necessary for  reworking part of a project or adding in missing but relevant information. Addressing those items in full can feel like taking a step backward when you could instead continue forward.

But my advice is to work thoroughly. Moving forward with an incomplete project can put the integrity of your work into question. And realistically, you’ll probably have to spend more time going back and fixing the problems caused by a shortcut than you would taking the time to do your work completely and correctly from the start.

You’ll notice throughout your entire career, more often than not, it’s worth taking one step backward in the short term to do a thorough job for long term benefit.  A shortcut might allow you to jump ahead of others in the short run … but usually costs you more time and effort in the end.