Operator, Operator Part 1

By, 04/11/2014

Considering all the ways we contact each other these days (text, email, video conference, social media), picking up and talking on a phone is becoming a lost art. But if you get through the resume black hole and are contacted by a recruiter, you can safely expect your next interaction with the company to be over the phone. Here are some tips to prepare for that conversation.

It’s an Interview…

As an applicant, consider any interaction you have with the company as part of the interview process. If you scrutinize your emails before sending them and you wear a suit for your in-person meeting, why treat a phone conversation any differently? Avoid unnecessary small talk and strike any slang or colloquialisms from your speech when speaking to a company representative—what you consider “casual” may be interpreted as “unprofessional.”

Location, Location, Location

Know exactly where you’re going to have the scheduled phone call so you can prepare as necessary. Is it quiet and distraction-free? Are you in a comfortable space (but not too comfortable, e.g. your bed)? Are you in a spot with a consistent, strong signal so your call won’t drop? And on that note, make sure your phone is fully charged too!

In my next post, I’ll discuss some tips about the phone conversation itself.