Our Silicon Valley Similarities

By, 08/19/2011

The headquarters for Fisher Investments is currently located in Woodside, CA – which is the tip of the Silicon Valley. It is a valley well known for technology, start-ups, and the birth of life changing ideas such as the smart phones and tablets—but not so well known for financial services. Our firm shares some similarities though with our well known neighbors the tech giants – one of them being the focus on innovation. As I mentioned previously, this is a key element to the success of Fisher Investments and something we strive to develop with the help of all our employees. Another similarity that may not be easily seen from the outside is our dedication to technology development. While we may not be trying to come up with the next must have tech gadget, we are constantly looking at how we can create added efficiencies and implement technology to improve our functionality. In doing so, we also run up against start-ups and technology firms in the search of highly skilled employees that focus on technology.

Fisher Investments has a dedicated IT Department. To support this IT Department and the many initiatives that the business units are driving, we also have a dedicated Projects and Business Information Group. This group ensures the initiatives stay on course and meet the goals of the firm. In order to do so, it takes experienced Project Managers, Business Information Analysts, and Data Operations Associates – all positions Fisher Investments is currently hiring for. If you are an IT professional, it is worth it to take a look at these opportunities and while it may be surprising to find them at a financial services firm, the dedication and support is worthy of being from a Silicon Valley firm.