Pay Attention to Your Surroundings at a Job Interview

By, 01/16/2014

Onsite interviews are an important part of any job search. But just as the potential employer will be using that time to evaluate you—use it to evaluate them, too. Recruiters or hiring managers can answer any questions you have about the work environment over the phone, but it’s no match for being able to physically see where you may be working. Use the interview time to look around—see what the culture is like, where you might actually be working or whom you’d be working with. Imagining yourself actually working there will help you determine if the role is a good fit for you.

Also take note of other factors like parking, organization, pace of the work environment or dress code. You may be very interested in the specific job, but liking the work environment in its entirety will also play a significant role in your long-term success at any company.