Phone Interviews 101

By, 08/21/2012

Phone interviews are a common component of the initial hiring and recruiting process today. Although it’s not a face-to-face interview, it’s important to prepare for these just as you would for a meeting in person.

The potential employer will contact you in advance to set up a time to speak, either by phone or by email. Before the phone interview begins, make sure there are no distractions around you (i.e. find a quiet place to speak) and you have a glass of water close by. Having notes and your resume nearby will help when speaking about your qualifications and experience.

However, prior to the interview, it’s also important to take a few additional steps to demonstrate your professionalism to the employer:

  • This is the first opportunity for a recruiter or hiring manager to hear your voice, so don’t start out on the wrong foot. Have your voicemail reflect a concise message indicating your name, asking them to leave a message and letting them know you will return the call at your earliest availability.
  • Email communication is just as common as phone communication, so keep your email address professional with something like your first initial and last name.