By, 02/09/2012

Getting ready for a job hunt? Time has a helpful list of traits executives look for in a candidate.

The list covers the entire job-seeking process—resume drafting, pre-interview communication and the interview—and the tips are simple and easy to apply. For example, remember to proofread your resume! And don’t rely on spellcheck. That may catch some misspellings, but if your typo resulted in something that’s actually a word, it’ll slip through the cracks, perhaps to embarrassing effect.

Here’s another easy one: When you email your resume to a hiring manager, don’t forget to attach the document. Failing to attach it gives the impression you’re not detail-oriented, which is listed as executives’ primary criteria. Also, make sure the accompanying email sounds professional and respectful—and keep that mindset in all your pre-interview emails and phone calls. An abundance of slang, or loud music or chatter in the background, might tell your interviewer you’re not a serious candidate.

Finally, make sure you’re prepared for the interview. Take the time to learn about the company, and make sure you know the little things, like your interviewer’s name. And don’t be late!

Having all the right information on your resume and all the right answers in your interview is important, but how you present yourself could make or break your chances. With these helpful tips, you can show the poise and professionalism necessary to separate yourself from the competition.