Problems—But No Solutions

By, 10/07/2013

It is easy to point out problems or process inefficiencies around your company in need of improvement, but what is more important is providing possible solutions for how to fix them.

But how do you propose a solution and who do you talk to about it? If your company doesn’t have a program for you to submit ideas, start with relevant departments or groups. Furthermore, find out who in the group who can best assist you. For example, if you think a database needs improvements, contact IT or the group who owns the database.

If you want to propose a more long-term solution to a problem, type up a proposal—or even put together a presentation if the relevant people are willing to listen. You never know—your idea could end up saving the company money or other valuable resources down the road by improving efficiencies or allocating resources more effectively.

Even if your idea doesn’t get implemented, it still shows you’re thinking of new ideas and confident enough to propose them.