Protecting Your Career From Yourself

By, 08/27/2013

In the modern workplace, a huge number of pitfalls threaten to sabotage your career. Follow these guidelines to save you from your biggest enemy.

  • Use social networking sparingly at work. In some cases, companies ban the use of social networking in the office altogether.
  • Be mindful of what you Tweet. Before you angrily spout off, remember that Tweets are public, the Library of Congress is attempting to save billions of them for posterity and your public image and reputation aren’t easily rebranded.
  • Avoid sensitive topics in conversation. Steering clear of issues such as politics and religion prevents divisions and loss of efficiency.
  • Be on time — for work and for meetings. Showing up on time for work is a requirement and shows respect for your employer. Showing up on time for meetings demonstrates you place a value on others’ time —and encourages them to similarly respect your efforts and time.
  • Professionalism first. Simply because you work with someone for 40 hours a week doesn’t make you best friends. With this in mind, share your personal life only as time and your friendships progress.