Questions Interviewers Ask Themselves (But Not Necessarily You)

By, 02/06/2013

When preparing for a job interview, a lot of worry can go into figuring out potential questions—which is completely justified. It’s very important to thoroughly prepare. However, asking yourself what questions you might not have to answer could be equally important.

A lot goes on behind the scene in a job interview, and many employers likely have criteria they’re looking for but that isn’t explicitly mentioned in their questions. So before your interview, we suggest asking yourself the following (and anything similar you might think of):

  • What is the ideal job candidate—and would I truly fit that role?
  • Are there job skills related the employer wants, but didn’t list?
  • What are qualities I share with other potential candidates?
  • From The Chicago Tribune: "If I were the hiring manager, why would I hire this person over the others who applied?"

Thinking about the unspoken questions can help you get in the mindset of an interviewer. It can also help you decide if the job in question is something you want, as reflecting on company culture and other candidates may give you a better idea than a job post.