Remember Your Resume

By, 11/09/2012

I find keeping track of my past achievements and skills helpful for greater professional development. An up-to-date resume easily accomplishes this—and can provide unique insight for future growth.

Reviewing your resume reminds you of past achievements, how you accomplished them and what you learned in the process. Recalling those items can be a helpful exercise in reviewing and revising how you approach current and future challenges. Previous achievements may also remind you of ongoing goals, how close you are to accomplishing them, and if they’ve changed.

In addition to accomplishments, your resume tracks your skills—what are your proficiencies? What would you like to improve? Your skillset may be something you don’t think of every day, so reviewing it can be an encouraging way to remember where your strengths lie. Reviewing your skills can also illuminate new skills you need to achieve your goals.

In the end, your resume is a comprehensive reminder of your professional history. Knowing your achievements and skills provides you an opportunity to review your professional development thus far—and will most likely give you direction for the future.