Research Removes the Mythology

By, 02/26/2015

A friend of mine is considering changing careers, from the restaurant business to health care. Two very different industries! However, he didn’t quit his current job and throw himself into an unknown field on a whim—he’s doing his research. Not only is he looking into different programs to figure out the academic requirements and financial obligations, he’s also using his personal network to consult current health care professionals and pick their brains about the industry—what it’s “really like.” I was with him for one such meeting. He peppered his friend with questions about how long he would be in school, different potential career paths and even how his first year’s schedule would look. He won’t necessarily use all this information, but he has it for reference.

Now, one person’s experience isn’t indicative of an entire industry, let alone what yours will be like. But doing your due diligence is an important exercise whether you’re looking for a job, transitioning into a new career or seeking a promotion—the information you uncover can reinforce your conviction or cause you to reconsider your plans.