Resourcing Self-Reliance

By, 03/21/2013

Very often, the best way to resolve a problem is to do your own research before asking help. Not to say co-workers don’t make excellent resources—they do!—and sometimes their help is the only way to find a solution. But keep in mind co-workers are often busy with their own tasks, and doing your own research may help you either solve a problem on your own or at least get enough background information to get started.

Here’s a list of steps you can take before turning to a co-worker:

  1. Look for instructions, even out of date ones—almost any background information can be helpful.
  2. Review past iterations of the situation—what can you deduce from them?
  3. See if you have past emails related to the issue—your inbox may have some hidden help.
  4. Do a web search—this is especially helpful when trying to figure out a computer program.

In the end, the more you do your own research, the more efficient you’ll become at problem solving—and overall more knowledgeable and independent.