Simpler Is, Often, Better

By, 09/22/2015

Lex parsimoniae. That’s Occam’s razor in Latin: Simpler is, often, better. While this seems like good life advice in general, it is particularly apt for your resume—especially the layout. With myriad templates and advice available, putting together a resume can feel like a daunting task. However, in my view, if you allow Occam’s razor to guide your thinking and execution, you can craft a resume that says everything you need about your experiences and skillset—cleanly and succinctly!

One viewpoint to consider: How would your resume look on a mobile device? With more folks accessing email via their phone, there is a good chance someone will view your resume on a much smaller screen than you used to make it. Knowing this, it makes sense to avoid any complicated formatting that may not carry over or appear as originally intended. That doesn’t mean a cookie cutter template is superior to a customized resume, but be aware that a complex or fancy-looking layout may not always present the message you wish—especially if it doesn’t show up at all.