Social Media and You (and Your Career)

By, 10/17/2012

Once upon a time, networking was a matter of face-to-face interaction and handshakes. These days the channels for networking are many and varied, from old-fashioned friend and family connections to Pinterest accounts. In fact, social media may be the most important venue for networking today.

This Reuters article on social media networking outlines some dos and don’ts—and offers a few examples. Having an online presence gives you several platforms for selling your personal “brand” to potential employers and professional acquaintances. Including career aspirations as well as personal passions signals to the professional world how you may fit in at a certain company, where your strengths lie and how well-rounded you are.

In a way, social networking is an ongoing interview—it gives you unlimited opportunity to advertise yourself, but it means everything you post could be scrutinized. Use discretion when posting. Even personal items can be seen by professional networks, and your boss may not appreciate daily pictures of your cat (especially if he or she is a dog-person).