Social Mediating

By, 01/22/2013

Overall, social media is a great thing. You can keep up with out-of-state friends and family members, professionally network and widen your horizons for crafting, cooking and other DIY projects. But in–and trying to get into–the business world, social media can certainly present some challenges.

Time’s recent article offers some sage advice about presenting yourself online. For instance, entering your name into a search engine could help you uncover online information you didn’t realize was available—information that could be found by a potential or current employer. It can be hard to keep track of various online profiles … never mind what someone else puts up (even if your grandma had the best of intentions by putting up that Thanksgiving “silly” photo).

Now, monitoring your online presence doesn’t mean you can’t post pictures of a friendly Christmas party or ski trip. But it does help you keep tabs on how a third party might judge your level of professional by the things he or she finds online.