Soft Skills

By, 10/03/2012

Soft skills may be just as important as technical skills when it comes to professional development.

For example, abilities like problem solving and conflict resolution can help create a solid basis for career advancement. Likewise, being able to work as part of a team—as both a leader and a follower to complete a common goal—is essential. Adaptability to change, too, is a valued soft skill. But where do you hone these skills in the first place? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Take a course. For example, a conflict-resolution or public speaking course is probably offered at a local community college.
  • Seek mentors. Ask someone who already has the skills you’d like to develop to share their tips or advice with you.
  • Volunteer. Consider working with a non-profit organization or other group to help hone your team-building and problem-solving skills.