The Ins and Outs of Social Media

By, 10/14/2013

If you’re below a certain age, chances are you’ve grown attached to social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. While these platforms are great for socializing, they’re not always well-suited for professional networking, hence the development of networking sites for business professionals.

Before deeming your new profile worthy of a potential employer’s eyes, consider its…

  • Completeness. Employers peruse thousands of profiles looking for candidates using varied search criteria, and the more complete your profile, the higher the chance of an employer seeing your profile while searching.
  • Uniqueness. To stand apart from the horde of jobseekers who claim to be (supposedly) “results-oriented professionals,” write about what drives you and what kind of work interests you. Be brief and specific.
  • X-factor. Attract employers to your profile by adding a picture and blurb that demonstrate your personality and professionalism.

When building your profile, avoid...

  • Asking to connect with someone you don’t know. You want a strong network that can vouch for you if a recruiter comes calling.
  • Coming off as “desperate”. Employers are often more attracted to candidates with a purpose, not necessarily those willing to accept any offer.
  • Letting your personal life clutter your professional profile. Employers care about your work performance, not your delectable lunch.