The Value of a Thank You

By, 11/04/2013

After completing an interview, you may walk out of the room and see 19 other applicants waiting for their turns to impress the recruiter. Need a way to stand out even after your interview? Enter the “Thank You” card.

The Thank You card, particularly one hand-written, can serve as a follow-up that conveys your gratitude for the interview and a physical, personal reminder of your meeting. If time is of the essence, a thank you email can suffice for leaving a positive image.

For the content of the letter, first thank the interview for their time. Then reiterate what you bring to the table to address the company’s needs.

If you forgot to make valuable points in the interview or need to clarify a point, you can do so in the card, giving the reader more context.

After finishing writing, proofread your Thank You. Multiple times. Have a friend/family member do so too. Avoid conveying either a lack of communication skills or apathy for professionalism.

Finally, give thanks and be merry. You scored an interview and potentially a job!