The Value of Communicating Over the Phone vs. Email

By, 11/18/2013

As technology has advanced, email has become the main form of communication in the business world—but there is still a lot of value in a good old fashioned phone call.

Tone is a significant factor when relaying important messages, but it isn’t always communicated effectively when written. By calling someone and speaking to them directly, the chances your tone is heard as intended increases dramatically.

Verbal communication also allows you to clarify your message further. As written communication can sometimes leave too much room for interpretation, speaking over the phone can allow for more efficient communication as you’ll likely spend less time emailing back and forth, clarifying requests, asking questions and setting proper expectations.

Finally, taking the time to pick up the phone shows you’re approachable—a quality that will help you in any career. That way others will feel more comfortable reaching out to you when business needs that require you to work together come up in the future.