Thinking One Level Ahead

By, 10/12/2012

As you climb the corporate ladder, colleagues, mentors and friends may offer advice—and they probably won’t all give you the same tips. When people you trust offer conflicting advice, it’s often hard to discern which pieces to take and which pieces to leave behind.

One piece of advice I have always found helpful is to think one level ahead. When it comes time for managers to select someone for a promotion, they will most likely pick someone they think has the ability to understand and effectively address the most pertinent issues.

Putting this in action may help you in the long run. When you’re working on a project or trying to solve a problem, ask yourself how you think your manager might handle the situation. How would they assess the problem? What kind of solutions would they propose? When they see your thought process and solution, they’ll see you have the necessary critical thinking skills to advance.