Time Management In Your New Job

By, 03/13/2012

Adjusting to a new work schedule can be difficult, especially if it’s your first job. I recall my first days feeling overwhelmed and exhausted trying to stay on top of everything. However, I began to examine how I was actually spending my time and realized I wasn’t being as efficient as I thought. A recent Wall Street Journal article, “Are You As Busy As You Think?” highlighted the reality that many of us aren’t nearly as busy as we think. The article provides three key tips to becoming more efficient with your time:

  • Keep a time log, showing how you’re spending  your time in a given day. After aggregating your data, it’s easier to see where you’re wasting time and how you might be able to make changes to fit more things into your week.
  • Every week, set goals to do the things that are important to you and make it a point to accomplish them, no matter what else you might have going on.
  • Rephrase how you approach new tasks by giving them a priority instead of a blanket, “I don’t have time” denial. Prioritizing gives you better perspective on the actual importance of a given task.