Time Management

By, 10/02/2012

Time management is a key skill in the corporate world today. With only so many hours in the day, it’s imperative to efficiently manage your time.

Keeping an organized to do list is key to efficient time management. List out each item you need to accomplish and the time it will take you to complete each one. From there, prioritize accordingly. You may be the type of person who likes to work a little on each project, or you may be the type of person who likes to complete each project, cross it off the to-do list, and move on.

Are some projects longer term than others? This is where priority setting also comes in handy. If you are someone who likes to work on several projects at a time, it may be more beneficial to complete those assignments with shorter term deadlines first.

Also keep in mind: Depending on your company culture, it can be ok to say no. You will likely be asked at some point to take on more projects than you have time for. Speaking up in this case will generally be well-received—most employers will appreciate your devotion to the projects already on your plate.