Too Cool for School?

By, 03/31/2014

Are you a recent graduate who’s looking forward to life sans problem sets and papers? Or maybe you’re well into your career already, and you enjoy how your evenings and/or weekends are, for the most part, yours. Well guess what—some additional time in the classroom might be more beneficial than you realize, especially for your career.

Before you begin calculating the costs of additional education, I’m not suggesting you pursue a MBA program or even formal online courses—those are specialized routes to develop specific skills and knowledge. I’m speaking much more broadly! It’s easy to lose yourself in your day-to-day work responsibilities and neglect the bigger picture. But taking a couple hours a week to educate yourself about your industry can pay dividends later on. Glance through industry publications to see what the latest trends are. Bounce ideas off more experienced coworkers. If your company offers optional classes about industry subjects, sign up! Fisher Investments, for example, offers a variety of educational workshops, from presentations on basic capital market topics to more advanced skill development, like business writing. 

Adding supplemental knowledge and experience—at your own initiative, and in addition to your regular responsibilities—makes you a much more attractive candidate for the next position/promotion in your career.