Trick-or-Treat Your Career

By, 10/14/2011

October, or as we call it around my house “Pumpkin Month”, brings out the endless array of costumes at every shop, both online and not. There seems to be a constant question: “What are you going to be for Halloween?” Some people like to get creative, some like to play it safe, others do not celebrate – but no matter what your beliefs may be it is easy to see a drastic difference between costume choices of toddlers and adults. The aisles are filled with 3 foot tall versions of firemen, policemen, farmers, business suits, teachers, and doctors – but those options are hard to find in the over 5 foot costumes. Why?

Some may make the argument that younger people are not ready for the “scary” costumes of witches and vampires, but I’ve come to see something else in this odd realization…when you dress-up you are either doing so to pretend you are something you aspire to be or are just doing it for fun, almost like an escape from what you are. In a toddler’s mind they truly want to be this entity “when they grow up”. I always wonder which of these toddlers grow up to flourish in a career they once dressed up for on Halloween and if not, why? Along our career paths we should choose the path that leads us to become what we “want to be”. This means choosing a career – not just a job—and in doing so you just might enjoy more treats than tricks.