Turn Your Extracurricular Activities into a Resume

By, 08/02/2013

After spending a majority of your life in school, you’re probably ready to leave the classroom and gain some real-world, hands-on experience. However, it’s not always easy to find a job with little to no work history. But if you participated in extracurricular activities or internships in college, chances are you’ve already gained several valuable—and transferrable—skills to help you land a job.

Sports or clubs may not be directly related to your field of interest, but chances are you’ve learned a universally important skill—time management. Between classes, homework and maybe a social life, you likely found time to juggle many activities and became successful doing so. This is relatable to many jobs because chances are you’ll be juggling tasks and deadlines the same way. Proving that you participated in activities and managed to keep up with your coursework shows employers you can effectively manage your time.

Variety is also helpful. Showing you are multi-faceted by participating in several different activities can be helpful when distinguishing yourself from others in the candidate pool.