Using Creativity

By, 03/20/2012

Everyone who’s been through it knows. Job searching is time-consuming, tedious, and sometimes downright discouraging—particularly during recessions when it seems as though hundreds, if not thousands, of people are competing for one job. Often, a resume is a company’s first glimpse of a potential candidate. Many job seekers are faced with a common dilemma: How can they make themselves stand out from all the other candidates?

A recent CNN article gave some examples of how some job seekers caught the attention of hiring managers and got the job. One candidate photoshopped a picture of her head atop a ninja when responding to a job posting for a “marketing ninja.” Another put together a cover letter that looked like an eBay listing.

What the candidates all had in common was in taking unique steps to differentiate themselves from others who had applied. They thought outside the box and used their creativity to make themselves stand out from the stack of resumes sitting on a desk. Searching for employment can be one of the toughest things anyone has to face—but sometimes a little creativity can go a long way.