What side are you on?

By, 07/28/2011

I came across an article recently on Vault that talked about the different aspects of jobs on the buy-side vs. the sell-side of the investment industry. I hadn’t thought about the different sides since I was on the job hunt almost nine years ago. It was always a hot topic in the interviews I had back then. “Tell me about what side of the industry you are looking to get into”? And then of course a follow up question as to why. Everyone seemed to have their standard response that somehow circled back to the general aspects of what they wanted to do in a job – nothing specifically unique about what side of the industry they wanted to be on. Having worked at Fisher Investments, a buy-side firm, for almost nine years, I don’t think I have thought once about the difference my career path would have taken if I had gone to a sell-side firm. This recent article sparked my interest as to the true difference in the type of jobs one is offered on each side and how a career at Fisher Investments fits into the mix.

Immediately I was taken by the statement that a career path on the buy-side is “more flexible”. WOW! That is exactly one of the characteristics we stress with candidates during the interview process when talking about the advantages of a career at Fisher Investments. In addition to flexibility, we are also based on a meritocracy. Those two attributes combine to create a work environment that reminds me of the saying “the world is your oyster”. You can create a career here that is unique, develop the skills you want, and benefit from endless opportunities.