Write Well

By, 04/10/2013

No matter what profession you enter, writing well will only help your career. Many of us think we’re pretty good writers—but haven’t had a writing class since high school. It’s likely we’ve forgotten a few things. Here’s a brief refresher:

  1. Theres little more frustrating poor punctuation, your writing professionally; so review you’re work for it. (Wasn’t that awful?)
  2. Short, simple sentences are easiest to understand.
  3. Erroneous expression selection can utterly amend your connotation. (Don’t use big words when you don’t need to. Your reader shouldn’t need a thesaurus.)
  4. Keep your audience in mind—i.e., I’m writing this blog post for those who want to jumpstart or further their careers. If I were writing for new puppy owners, it would read very differently.

There’s much more to writing well, but the above examples are a start. If you’re interested in learning more—I know I have more to learn—I’d recommend reading William Zinsser’s On Writing Well or Deirdre McCloskey’s Economical Writing, which discusses many common writing fallacies.