Investment Research and Technology at Fisher Investments

Many Fisher Investments clients have unique goals for their investments, but every investment decision is guided by a core philosophy about how best to meet those goals. At Fisher Investments, we seek to add value by uncovering market opportunities, based on investment research and a core set of beliefs:

  • Free capital markets function efficiently
  • Securities pricing is primarily a function of the supply of and demand for securities
  • Capital markets are relatively efficient discounters of all widely-known information
  • Market opportunities arise when one can either identify information that is not widely known, or interpret widely-known information more accurately than others

The Investment Policy Committee and our Research Analysts are continually developing new investment research. Our proprietary research and capital markets technology allow us to find and take advantage of investment opportunities.1

Examples? In the early 1980s, Ken Fisher pioneered the use of the Price-to-Sales Ratio for investment analysis. Fisher Investments' investment research also led to the identification of the small cap value universe and sentiment-based forecasting techniques. Today, among other things, we are pioneering the emerging field of behavioral finance, where behavioral psychology and finance intersect.

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1Captial markets technology is a term Fisher Investments uses to describe the practical application of analyzing data to uncover trends or patterns that other haven't.