The Fisher Investments Career Difference

Encouraging Leadership—Creating Knowledge—Fostering Innovation

Thank you for your interest in Fisher Investments. At Fisher Investments, our employees find the unique atmosphere encourages their broad development of talent and is quite unique within the financial services industry. Not only do we want to build our employees' depth of knowledge, we also look forward to building their breadth of knowledge within the firm and the industry. We are confident employees will find a robust learning environment designed to set them on the path to a successful, lifelong career.

Why We're Different

Our investment process is based on our proprietary development of Capital Markets Technology. While most of our competitors follow a bottom-up approach that relies on stock-picking, Fisher Investments starts with the simple notion that supply and demand of securities are the sole determinants of securities pricing. Correspondingly, we believe capital markets are relatively efficient discounters of all widely known information. We are at the cutting edge of our industry in the areas of global investing and behavioral finance, as well as unique theories of stock market pricing and efficiency. Fisher Investments’ direct approach to investment management is unique within the industry and provides exciting opportunities for employees who embrace change and are unconstrained by convention.

The Fisher Meritocracy

Fisher Investments is a true meritocracy. We reward employees based on exemplary performance, a “will do” attitude and consistent contributions that lead by example. Fisher Investments focuses on developing human capital and identifying talent within the firm. In fact, the overwhelming majority of our managers are promoted from within. Building breadth and depth in our employees is of utmost importance to the continued success of our firm.

Open Architecture for Career Path

Few people know exactly what they want to do for the rest of their professional lives. Employees are encouraged to be high-minded and acquire an in-depth knowledge of Fisher Investments’ vision and philosophy. We’ve created an atmosphere conducive to individuals who desire broad industry knowledge and are willing to work hard and figure out what they want to do along the way. Individuals are encouraged to explore other roles within the firm they find interesting or if they feel they can add significant value to the position.

Training and Education

Fisher Investments offers an extensive training program designed to build both breadth and depth in individuals by providing a combination of classroom training, on-the-job training and ongoing mentoring to set our new employees on the path to a successful, lifelong career.

We've worked hard to create a culture where we can help accelerate the careers of exceptional people. Fisher Investments employees are entrusted with high levels of responsibility, given resources needed to succeed, and recognized and rewarded when they do. We make significant investments in our employees in their career, through formal and informal training.