Opportunity Highlights

Whether you're new to the business or an experienced hand, you'll find financial services career opportunities at Fisher Investments.

  • Just starting out? Our Associate positions in Sales, Client Services, Research and Investment Operations offer financial services careers with immediate hands-on experience, broad exposure to our business, and extensive initial training. Your financial services career will provide continuous on-the-job mentoring and education, and the chance to excel from day one.
  • Looking to continue your financial services career? Fisher Investments Client Relationship Manager could be the next step in your career. You could oversee over $100 million of Fisher Investments client assets while managing relationships with our high net worth investors. You'll work in tandem with a team of investment professionals, focusing on the overall relationship and keeping Fisher Investments clients updated on the market, the economy, and portfolio positioning. You'll also serve as the client liaison to our four-person Investment Policy Committee, which oversees all investment and capital management and includes founder and Executive Chairman Ken Fisher.
  • Seasoned pro? The Vice President position in our Private Client Group offers prestige and opportunity for financial professionals with extensive industry experience in their financial services career. As a Vice President, you'll be responsible for attracting new business to Fisher Investments, meeting with prospective Fisher Investments clients, identifying when there's a fit, and transitioning them into successful client relationships. Your own determination and accomplishments define your opportunities and rewards, with the backing of the entire company at every step.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out about current career opportunities or summer internships?

The best way to view currently available career opportunities is by visiting the Career Opportunities section of our website. Click here for current available jobs.

Is a background in finance or experience in investments required to pursue career opportunities at Fisher?

It really depends on the position. For some career opportunities, an investment background may be preferred or required. However, for entry-level positions, it is usually not a prerequisite. We also seek seasoned professionals for our non-finance fields such as IT or project management. If you are just starting out or even looking to switch industries, we provide numerous resources and opportunities for you to build your knowledge and skills. At Fisher Investments, we promote an environment of continuing education.

What can candidates expect during the interview process with Fisher Investments?

You can expect a thorough process, designed to get to know you and identify your strengths. You may meet with as many as four current Fisher Investments employees, and spend anywhere from one to four hours with us. We'll strive to understand your talents and goals, so we can make sure you get considered for the best fitting career opportunities. Of course, we'll also share information about the firm's background and environment.

What is the best way to apply for a career opportunities at Fisher?

Please send your information through our online tool by submitting your job application here. Applicants can also fax resumes to 1-866-596-9714, Attn: Recruiting Department.

What does it mean if a position on this website is no longer there?

Most likely it means the position has been filled. Feel free to email us at employment@fi.com to confirm.

What if I lost my password?

If you have lost your password, please visit our password recovery page.

What if I experience technical difficulties while accessing the online career center or other finance job board?

Contact the Recruiting Department at employment@fi.com and we'll be happy to help!