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Staying Sharp

By, 01/05/2012

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, a British research study found that peoples’ IQs can change over time. Good news—we can all get smarter!

The key to raising your IQ, say scientists, is to challenge your brain regularly. Learning an instrument, mastering a concentration-heavy activity like juggling, and solving puzzles all can improve your cognitive skills. Also good? Doing work that involves interacting with people, solving problems, and learning new things on the fly. It makes sense—like working out can keep your body in shape, exercising your mind can keep your brain in shape.

Sharpening your mind is especially helpful during a job search. Writing cover letters, sending resumes and interviewing can be draining mentally as well as physically. But use some of the tricks in this article to keep your brain fresh and active, and you’ll be that much ahead of the competition.

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