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What’s More Important: Knowledge or Know-How?

By, 01/09/2015

We all know someone who seems to know everything—living encyclopedias who can discuss the Crimean War and Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night in the same breath. And while this person makes for fun Jeopardy!-watching company, it could also be intimidating if he or she is competing with you for the same job. But even if you don’t know the year the US Federal Reserve was created (1913), one skill can trump sheer knowledge: know-how!

Demonstrating know-how—the ability to learn or figure out how to complete a task—can make you a just as, if not more, appealing candidate. Just consider how fluid a workday can be: you may be expected to give a presentation, write a research report and/or conduct a training exercise. The employee who can quickly learn the most efficient way to complete the work is more valuable than the one who knows a lot but can’t put it into practice.

Having knowledge is certainly helpful to your job prospects, but knowing how to get and use that knowledge can help seal the deal.

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