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Did I Hear That Before?

By, 03/09/2015

Here is a tip for all you job hunters: Start getting your stories straight now! No, you’re not in trouble (yet). But as you meet different companies, you will probably notice many initial interview questions sound pretty similar. Some common ones:

  • Name some examples where you exhibited leadership.
  • Discuss a time you encountered an unexpected hardship—how did you overcome it?
  • Please share a project you oversaw and the steps you took to accomplish it.

Now, will your answers to these questions—and others like them—indicate how good you will be at the position? Debatable. But as a job candidate, it is your goal to keep moving forward in the process. Reviewing your resume and reflecting on past experiences beforehand will help you give the best response possible. Given the many variables out of your control, take every opportunity you can to make it easier on yourself.      

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