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Story Time

By, 04/10/2015

Peruse any major news outlet these days and you’ll inevitably run into a “listicle.” Like, 10 Ways to Accomplish “X”! 6 Proven Strategies to Earn “Y”! 50 Methods to Improve “Z”! Nothing inherently wrong with that type of article—it’s a quick way to broadcast multiple points (albeit superficially).

And if you’re looking for a job, it may be tempting to sell yourself in a similar fashion. Note these 5 goals I achieved! See 7 skills I bring!  Call these 3 references! While this makes some sense for a resume, using another style—the narrative—is much more effective for person-to-person interactions.

Now, this doesn’t mean reciting a novel about your prior experiences. But what do you think more people want to hear: A laundry list of accomplishments or a story showing how you reached a goal? By telling a story, you’re able to effectively demonstrate all those wonderful talents you bring to the table in one neat package—and likely seem much more interesting than the candidate rattling on impressive-sounding numbers that may mean nothing at all.        


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