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Whether you’re interested in an opportunity at Fisher Investments, or simply looking to further develop your current career path, our career tips can help you stand out from your peers.

It’s Showtime!

By, 05/21/2015
So you made it to the in-person interview stage. Congratulations! The company you’re interviewing with believes you’re worth the time and resources to bring in and see if you’re a fit. Here are a couple of tips as you prepare for the big day.
Take Care to Look Sharp
Dress professionally, regardless of the type of job you’re applying for. A Google search will yield basic “professional attire” expectations, but if you’re having doubts, I suggest deferring to something more conservative—you want the focus to be on your body of work, not what’s on your body at the moment.
Do Your Homework
Any discussions you had via email/phone/video conference are fair game and may be brought up again—so don’t forget to review both your resume and notes.
Nerves Are OK, but …
Have confidence in yourself too! Remember, you are interviewing the company just as much as they are interviewing you. Just as they’ll ask about your experiences and expectations, you should do the same.


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