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One Tip to Stand Out to Job Recruiters

By, 07/31/2015

Is applying for a job easier or harder relative to the not-too-distant past? On the one hand, the Internet allows you to quickly search for, discover and even apply to myriad job postings—all from the convenience of your personal computer. On the other, that lower barrier of entry also makes it easier for your competition to apply to the same job, bringing up a different challenge: How do you avoid getting lost in the shuffle?  

Though everyone has suggestions about how to stand out, a simple, timeless tip will likely put you ahead of most of the pack: following up. While having a clean and descriptive resume is important, it can’t tell you whether or not it was even received. The best way to confirm? Ask! Recruiters are busy people, and like anyone else, things sometimes inadvertently slip through the cracks. By taking the initiative and politely asking for a status update, you are at the very least putting yourself directly on someone’s radar—and isn’t getting a response (whether affirmative or negative) the point of applying in the first place?

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