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Don’t Forget Your Long-Term Goals

By, 09/16/2014

Over the course of your career, your day-to-day obligations can seem overwhelming. You have an urgent project due by end of day, a presentation on Tuesday and new hire training on Wednesday—and that’s not including your normal responsibilities! But it’s important to step back every once in a while and ensure you’re on the path of your choice. Though your company likely mandates some sort of annual review to assess your performance and progress, you should conduct a personal career development review regularly too. Some basic questions to consider:

  • What have I accomplished in the past year?
  • Am I on track to reach my goals? Have my goals changed?
  • Where do I want my career to be next year?

Your career is much more than just a paycheck, and you’ll likely be working in some capacity for most of your adult life—in my view, taking time to gauge where your career is now can help you decide where you want to take it next. 

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