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Fisher Investments Benefits - Part Two

By, 10/24/2011

Recently I did a post on the pretty incredible (at least in my eyes) benefits that Fisher Investments has to offer most fulltime employees. You may have noticed that I left out a crucial segment when it comes to benefit discussions – health care. From ObamaCare to the current Presidential Election debates, healthcare is a hot topic and will most likely continue to be so as we head into 2012. When people hear about the healthcare benefits Fisher Investments has to offer, you often get the response, “really?” Yes, the healthcare benefits offered by Fisher Investments are really what we say they are, and probably one of the most impressive pieces to the overall compensation and benefits package.

Currently Fisher Investments pays 100% of the monthly premium for both employee and dependant medical benefits. Paying 100% means employees pay ZERO of the premium required to maintain their health insurance AND that of their dependants. This is seldom heard of from corporations large and small – certainly more impressive than any of the healthcare plans being discussed by the government. The firm also provides paid dental and vision coverage for employees and dependants – just another bonus when it comes to looking at the whole picture.

Employee Benefits Offered by Fisher Investments

Fisher Investments on YouTube

By, 10/19/2011

For several years now, Fisher Investments has made available biannual videos to provide our clients with visual updates of our market outlook (known as Capital Markets Updates). We have also historically tested virtual seminars that utilize video technology in an effort to bring the in-person client only seminar experience to clients unable to attend. The seminars are just part of the innovative client service model utilized here.

Recently, the Media Team has provided regular video content to the general public via the Fisher Investments YouTube channel, a practice innovative to the financial services industry. In addition to posting Capital Markets Update summaries, the YouTube channel has become a place for Fisher Investments to provide content from some of Ken Fisher’s best-selling financial books, timely economic updates, and in-depth research analysis. Some of the content complements the written columns provided on Fisher Investments’ MarketMinder and some is original video content. Viewing the videos posted to YouTube provides helpful insight into the Fisher Investments investing philosophy as you can gather a keen knowledge of how the research staff looks at certain topics. The information is provided in a straightforward manner and really allows the viewer to form their own opinion.

As a candidate looking into the firm, the YouTube channel is an easy way to learn about the firm and/or prep for an interview with one of our corporate recruiters. A prime example of the videos provided on the Fisher Investments YouTube channel can be found here: US Economic Update

Trick-or-Treat Your Career

By, 10/14/2011

October, or as we call it around my house “Pumpkin Month”, brings out the endless array of costumes at every shop, both online and not. There seems to be a constant question: “What are you going to be for Halloween?” Some people like to get creative, some like to play it safe, others do not celebrate – but no matter what your beliefs may be it is easy to see a drastic difference between costume choices of toddlers and adults. The aisles are filled with 3 foot tall versions of firemen, policemen, farmers, business suits, teachers, and doctors – but those options are hard to find in the over 5 foot costumes. Why?

Some may make the argument that younger people are not ready for the “scary” costumes of witches and vampires, but I’ve come to see something else in this odd realization…when you dress-up you are either doing so to pretend you are something you aspire to be or are just doing it for fun, almost like an escape from what you are. In a toddler’s mind they truly want to be this entity “when they grow up”. I always wonder which of these toddlers grow up to flourish in a career they once dressed up for on Halloween and if not, why? Along our career paths we should choose the path that leads us to become what we “want to be”. This means choosing a career – not just a job—and in doing so you just might enjoy more treats than tricks.

Fisher Investments on the Road

By, 10/13/2011

Last week was a busy week for the Fisher Investments corporate recruiters. They covered four career events in four states in  three days – talk about hitting the road! Now that they are back in the office (although not for long) there is a buzz of excitement about all the candidates they have met so far in this campus recruiting season. It is a reminder to us here at Fisher Investments of all the opportunity these events hold both for us as an employer and for potential candidates that may never have been aware of our firm otherwise. Many candidates may be new to the financial services industry and are only aware of large branded brokerage firms. In attending campus recruiting events, candidates get the opportunity to learn firsthand what we have to offer and learn things they wouldn’t had they not attended such an event. This is a reminder to check not only our site for upcoming events but also the career center for your school to view all the on campus events. You just might find the right career opportunity that has you hitting the road yourself as a result.

Fisher Investments Campus Recruiting

The Career of Steve Jobs

By, 10/12/2011

The passing of someone like Steve Jobs affects us all. It doesn’t matter if we happen to be Apple junkies or have sworn never to purchase an Apple product, everyone can agree some of the biggest advancements in consumer technology were only possible because of the vision and equally important dedication Mr. Jobs had to make those visions a reality. There has been much written about the business man, developer, and visionary since his passing, but I felt it important to point out here one of the career lessons we can all learn when looking at the career of Steve Jobs – this being a careers blog after all.

Many quotes have been used from the 2005 commencement speech Mr. Jobs gave at Stanford University. I believe one of the reasons this speech has become viral is the desire to gain insight into what made Mr. Jobs and his career so great, made all the more unique given he did not graduate from college. What advice could he give to new graduates as they set off to start their own careers?

Take a moment to read the excerpt below from Yahoo! Finance:

“In that address, delivered after Mr. Jobs was told he had cancer but before it was clear that it would ultimately claim his life, Mr. Jobs told his audience that ‘death is very likely the single best invention of life. It is life’s change agent.’

The benefit of death, he said, is you know not to waste life living someone else’s choices.

‘Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.’“

Steve Jobs not only spoke these words – he lived them. As you focus on your career, if you can have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, I believe you put yourself in the best possible position to become successful yourself. We may not all create companies that change the way the world thinks and operates like Mr. Jobs did, but you can ultimately create a career that you are proud of and therefore would consider a success.

Fisher Investments Benefits

By, 10/04/2011

As the job interview process moves along, the question of benefits comes up eventually. For some candidates it is the most important piece of their potential employment package—for others it is almost like an afterthought. Navigating my way through benefit packages for the first time seemed so foreign – much more complicated than final exams I had just completed. How do you decide? How can you determine which company’s package offers the benefits you will actually use and therefore affects your bottom line as part of your total compensation? It is difficult, no doubt. No wonder our federal government cannot agree when it comes to benefits and healthcare. Over time and by learning about other companies’ packages, I have become extremely impressed with the benefits program Fisher Investments offers most full-time employees, and I wanted to highlight a couple of those points here.

Paid Time Off

Employees start accruing Paid Time Off (PTO) from day one of their employment. It might sound like a basic policy, but surprisingly many firms require a probationary period before an employee is able to accrue PTO. The structure of a PTO system versus other types of time off systems provides more flexibility for employees, reflecting the meritocratic culture at the firm. PTO is in addition to paid holidays observed by Fisher Investments.

401(k) Plan with a Company Match

Fisher Investments currently provides a generous company match with their employer sponsored 401(k) plan. This percentage match is capped by the 401(k) contribution limit itself, not a portion of a person’s income. It is simple and straightforward. I have seen some plans that are so confusing you need higher level math to figure out what you ultimately receive as a match – the result is often far less than you might expect.

Of course to receive this benefit, you need to contribute to the 401(k) plan in the first place. To start contributing at the onset of employment not only helps you save for the long term but it also gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the Fisher Investments match. Sometimes people tend to look at personal contribution as a negative since it reduces your take home pay, but you never “lose” this money – you are saving it and through the company match earning a return on your investment.

Don’t forget to review the full list of benefits here.

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