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Whether you’re interested in an opportunity at Fisher Investments, or simply looking to further develop your current career path, our career tips can help you stand out from your peers.

A Season of Thanks

By, 11/23/2015

With the Thanksgiving season upon us, it is natural to reflect upon one’s blessings over the course of the year—your professional life included. For all the hard work you personally put in, you also likely had help along the way. If you were applying for jobs, perhaps a friend or trusted colleague looked over your resume and offered some useful critiques. Maybe a friend introduced you directly to a recruiter who works at the company you applied to and didn’t hear back from, setting into motion a new opportunity. If you’re already in the workforce, you’ve likely had times when you picked up extra work to help a coworker out—and vice versa. On particularly difficult days, maybe a colleague picked you up your favorite caffeinated beverage to brighten your spirits.

It’s always easier to focus on the negatives of the working life, whether you’re searching for a job or building your career. But by shifting the emphasis to the positives—whether it’s great coworkers, generous perks, stimulating work, or something else—you may realize that you have a great deal to be thankful for indeed.   

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

By, 11/12/2015

It’s said to the point of cliché: Step outside your comfort zone and try something new! Despite how tired the advice may seem, that doesn’t negate its wisdom. Opening yourself up to something out of your normal routine can unlock opportunities and enhance your professional development.

What exactly does “stepping outside your comfort zone” really mean? It’s not as simple as doing something you dislike or had bad experiences with in the past. Rather, view it more as a way to challenge yourself and grow particular skillsets you’d like to develop further.

For example, I recently took a public speaking course offered at work. Though I had some prior experience with speaking in front of a crowd, I hadn’t used that particular skill in several years. Here was an opportunity to practice in an intimate, supportive environment, and despite some initial hesitations, I decided to take the class. On the first day, I struggled mightily. However, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise, since it forced me to take the time to practice regularly. By the end of the class, I improved significantly. Everyone can find something he or she wants to make better—sometimes, it just takes a little self-reflection and the opportunity to spur action.

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