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Fisher Investments is a different kind of investment firm. We don’t come from Wall Street, nor do we believe we fit in with most of the finance industry, and we’re proud of that. We work for a bigger purpose: bettering the investment universe. Putting service back in financial services is our company’s calling, our mission, the reason we exist. For us, there is nothing more important than helping our clients reach their financial goals. We’re devoted to continuous learning, constantly exploring new ways to adapt and evolve, all so we can deliver more for our clients. This commitment has shaped every aspect of our business, and it’s the main reason why our employees love coming to work every day: We’re driven by better.

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"I applied to work at Fisher Investments with no financial background or industry-specific degree. While many other investment management companies balked at the idea of hiring a math major, Fisher saw the potential in me and provided the internal education needed to be successful in this industry. If you have the drive to succeed and do well, Fisher Investments is an excellent place to learn, develop professionally and grow your career."

Casey B.

"I really appreciate the way our firm prioritizes metric-based accountability. I find a lot of value in following our policies and procedures, as well as measuring productivity, tracking data, and utilizing statistics to discover trends and make improvements. I think Fisher does a good job with continuously striving to find new ways to incorporate all of our responsibilities into our monthly metrics. It promotes healthy competition amongst peers. This is an environment where hard work is noticed and ultimately pays off."

Allegra E.

"This firm is a great place for any and all individuals; each carry their own basket of unique specialties and backgrounds that aren’t necessarily purely 'market or portfolio-specific,’ but are needed nevertheless. We're all pursuing one core mission, but the type of work that's required to keep this business and its employees growing together is incredibly varied, and we enlist people from all majors and realms of expertise to make it happen. I think this is, in part, what makes us great and unique as a firm: being open to different, innovative perspectives that are often overlooked in the financial services industry."

Eddie L.

"Fisher doesn’t care about your ‘pedigree’ or where you came from—they care about what you’ve done and what you’re willing to do to get better. Ever since I started here, my managers and mentors helped put me on a path to reach my goal: to be a writer for the firm. They invested the time and energy to train and prepare me, and while it wasn’t a quick process, they put me in a position to succeed—and it paid off. You will get an opportunity to grow at your pace, so when your chance comes, be ready to take it and run with it. You’ll receive the resources to succeed, but it’s up to you to leverage them."

Christopher W.

"I work in Information Technology and was drawn to Fisher by the firm’s culture. People here value what I value – diversity, collaboration, innovation and career development. Knowing that I have a future in a company that is growing and that my part in that growth matters, that my voice is heard and valued, keeps me here."

Susan W.

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