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Focus on the benefits that benefit you most.

Our employees deserve the best care possible, and we work hard to ensure they’re always covered. That means a variety of industry-leading healthcare options, an unparalleled 401(k) match, generous time off, and much more.

Our people are our priority.
We put great value in great work.

Our employees are every employer’s dream. They stand at the intersection of passion, drive and commitment. Their devotion to putting clients first is unprecedented. Because outstanding performance deserves outstanding rewards, we have a total compensation package that focuses on the areas that matter most.

We believe your health shouldn’t cost extra.

Fisher covers 100% of medical, dental, and vision premiums for you and your family. That means $0 out of each paycheck for your insurance!

The average employer in our industry covers only 74% of employees’ medical, dental and vision premiums.*

When Fisher pays your healthcare premiums, that could mean an annual savings of up to $9,753 (for individuals) or $30,628 (for a family of four).

Fisher Investments
Fisher Investments

We believe you deserve a bright and worry-free future.

For every $1 you contribute to your 401(k), Fisher will match you $0.50 up to the annual IRS 402(g) limit (catch-up contributions are also eligible for 401(k) match).

We strive to equip our employees with sound financial futures, and a retirement they can look forward to. If you’re contributing the IRS maximum of $23,000 annually, that means we’ll add an additional $11,500 to your retirement account. Over time, this can equate to $1.6 million more in your portfolio than what is offered by the average competitor.* We also give our employees the option of pre-tax, after-tax, and/or Roth 401(k) accounts, meaning you can choose the strategy that works best for your current—and future—needs. *Hypothetical example is for illustrative purposes only.

Examples assume the employee contributes enough to take advantage of the maximum annual match. For Other Employer, the example is based on a starting salary of $60,000 annually with a 3% year-over-year compensation increase over 40 years. Contributions for Other Employer are based on the average match of 50%, up to the first 6% of pay. For Fisher Investments, the example is based on a 50% employer match up to the IRS limit of $23,000 annually with an average 2% increase in IRS contribution limits year-over-year for 40 years. Both examples assume a 6% average annual investment return. Returns are not guaranteed.


    We believe you should have a life outside the office.

    We understand the importance of being able to take a break from work to enjoy your free time—whether it’s a long vacation or a day off to unwind. Our PTO package is intended to give you the downtime you need to stay healthy and happy. We reward our dedicated employees with additional time off. At your five year service anniversary you earn an additional PTO day and when you reach 10 years, you earn two more!


    We believe in investing in family time.

    We care about your family and want to see them flourish in every way. That’s why we provide an 8-week paid Primary Caregiver Parental Leave to allow primary caregivers to bond with their newborn or newly adopted child. We are committed to maintaining a well-rounded and flexible benefits package that supports you at all the stages in your life, especially as you embark on the adventure called “parenthood.”


We believe in purposeful perks.

To us, you’re not just another person on payroll. To us, you’re what pushes our business to succeed. Your passion is our competitive advantage. We want you to gain breadth and depth here, so we invest in all facets of your life. And while your pay, healthcare, and retirement options are major parts of that, we care about the details, too. Whether it be on-site dry-cleaning pickup and drop off, corporate discounts, or helping you snag a delicious lunch, we want to simplify your days. And to enable your ongoing professional development, we offer a rigorous learning framework and peer mentorship that ensures you never stop growing.

*Varies by location





If you’re interested in joining a best-in-class organization that invests in you for life, you’re in the right place.

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