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Investment Process Overview

Are you ready to join a different type of investment firm and make an impact?

Fisher Investments is a privately owned, independent investment advisor offering a global approach to portfolio management for high-net-worth and institutional clients. As part of the Fisher team, you will provide a level of client service that is rarely experienced in money management. We’re dedicated to bettering the investment universe, and our customized investment process is one of the many things that sets us apart from others in the industry.

Investment Philosophy

At Fisher Investments we have a flexible, global investment philosophy and can adjust our investment strategy depending on our forward-looking market view and a client’s personal goals. We actively look for opportunities to apply our proprietary capital markets technology (i.e. proprietary research tools) developed through the study of finance theory, history and empiricism. Unlike a lot of our competitors, we take a comprehensive approach to investing that’s tailored to the needs of each individual client and their long-term goals.

Fisher Investments
Fisher Investments

Investment Principles

Our distinguished investment process is driven by the understanding of five core investment principles:

  • Manage discretionary assets with a fundamental belief in capitalism and how free capital markets function.
  • Supply and demand of securities are the sole determinants of securities pricing.
  • Capital markets are relatively efficient discounters of widely known information.
  • Profit-seeking investors act on every bit of news, rumor and speculation.
  • Value is added by actively managing, identifying and correctly interpreting not widely known information.

Portfolio Engineering Process

We use a top-down investment process and focus on maximizing opportunity and managing risk by investing globally to take advantage of worldwide opportunities. Our flexible investment strategy is shaped by three key drivers for global market returns: economic, political and sentiment factors.

We believe about 70% of a portfolio’s return over time can be attributed to asset allocation (stocks, bonds, cash or other securities).*

We believe sub-asset allocation within stocks and bonds contributes approximately 20% to portfolio return.*

We believe the selection of specific stocks, bonds or other types of securities contributes about 10% to portfolio return.*

*Forward-looking return attribution is an approximation intended for illustrative purposes and should not be considered a
forecast of future returns or return attribution. No guarantee is made regarding the accuracy of any market forecasts or the
success of any investment strategy.

Fisher Investments

Client Service Structure

Our world-class service structure allows us to provide clients with personalized attention. We have a strong division of labor between sales, service and other distinct roles. This structure allows you to focus on your position and do your best work while supported by a broad set of resources.


    Sales Vice President
    Be the voice of Fisher to prospective clients. Review their investment goals, provide education about our firm and answer questions.
    Account Executive
    Engage with high-net-worth individuals who expressed interest in Fisher materials. Serve as the liaison between a prospective client and our firm.


    Investment Counselor
    Serve as clients’ long-term point of contact and liaison to the IPC. Ensure portfolios are managed consistent with their goals and specifications.
    Client Service Associate
    Set up accounts with the custodian and oversee the funding process. Help maintain accounts and assist with operational needs.
    Client Programs
    Plan client forums and seminars to provide education about capital markets and keep clients informed of Fisher’s market views.


    Investment Policy Committee
    This five-person team sets our investment policy and makes our firm’s strategic investment decisions.
    Research Teams
    Provide information and analysis to the IPC. Capital Markets Research gathers information, Securities Research monitors portfolio securities, Capital Markets Innovation develops portfolio drivers.
    Portfolio Evaluation Group
    Provide assets allocation recommendation to help clients achieve their long-term goals, coach and support  Investment Counselors.

Investment Policy Committee

Fisher Investments’ five-member Investment Policy Committee are the key decisionmakers for our clients’ portfolios. Led by renowned investor Ken Fisher, together they have over 140 combined years of industry experience and a vast wealth of knowledge. Ken Fisher is the author of multiple New York Times bestselling books on investing, and is well known for his prestigious “Portfolio Strategy” column which ran monthly in Forbes for nearly 32 years—making Ken the longest continuously-run columnist in the magazine’s history.

Ken Fisher
Executive Chairman and Co-Chief Investment Officer

Jeff Silk
Vice Chairman and Co-Chief Investment Officer

Bill Glaser
Executive Vice President Portfolio Management

Aaron Anderson
Senior Vice President Research

Michael Hanson
Senior Vice President Research
Fisher Investments