A Level Playing Field

By, 12/26/2014

Even with lots of preparation, it’s easy to psyche yourself out before a job interview—especially when it seems like you’re at the mercy of the interviewer. If he or she stumps you with a tough question, will that create an unfavorable impression? Or what if you give a wrong answer? Or your joke falls flat? Or, or, or? But before making your interviewer into an omnipotent being, don’t forget he or she is a person too, a point nicely shown here.

Now this doesn’t mean you should assume your interviewer is inept or indifferent. After all, it’s his or her job to assess whether you fit in the company, and the interviewer’s opinion will play a big—if not decisive—role in whether you get an offer. But remember, your interviewer doesn’t hold any special knowledge or insight about you—you determine what experiences and accomplishments to highlight and sell about yourself. As much as you may want a job, companies also want to hire talented individuals to work for them—it’s a mutually beneficial relationship, so don’t lose sight of the leverage you hold too.