A Primer on #SocialMedia

By, 07/25/2014

Social media can be a helpful ancillary tool when you’re on the job hunt. Friends post about job opportunities on Facebook, your favorite news source Tweets an article about resume tips, LinkedIn allows you to directly connect with professionals—and all this information is available through your computer or smartphone! As more and more companies become comfortable using social media to recruit, being at least familiar with how some of the major social media websites work can benefit you.

However, social media can be a double-edged sword. The accessibility goes both ways, and what you make available to public eyes (intentionally or not) may not always be in your best interest as an applicant. Stories of job offers getting rescinded because of an inappropriate photo or comment found on social media are commonplace today. So if you’re active (or even not) on social media, it may behoove you to check what exactly is publicly available via social media about you—and remove or restrict anything that may cause a potential employer to think twice.