Auditioning for a Job

By, 03/16/2012

Here’s a new way for job seekers to think about job interviews: Think of it like an audition. And like any audition in Hollywood, it’ll take more than a few tries before you land the role. And also just like any Hollywood audition, sometimes you simply don’t fit the role or aren’t what they’re looking for—but don’t let that discourage you.

A recent Forbes article outlined some pretty unbelievable blunders committed in job interviews—such as answering a call or texting while in the middle of a question. Other blunders are less obvious, like bad-mouthing former employers. But one important thing many job seekers forget to do is practice for the interview. Remember, this is an audition. In Hollywood, actors and actresses practice a good amount before showing up for an audition. And who knows? Perhaps with enough practice, your audition (i.e., interview) might just make you the best candidate for the job.