Avoiding the Novella

By, 08/09/2011

I wrote recently about the article “10 Outdated Pieces of Career Advice”. One of the items on the list was to shy away from the one-page resume if your qualifications exceed the space. As a former corporate recruiter who was involved in the hiring process for different roles, I can speak to the fact that different industries have different preferred resume formats. Someone with a strong technical background should and will have a very different resume than someone with a client service background. If convention in your industry calls for a longer resume, so be it, but even in this case it’s important to avoid writing a “novella.”  At times a candidate may feel pressured to fill up a resume by making it overly detailed and elaborate. I can almost guarantee this will bore a recruiter who reads thousands of resumes—it’s a big turnoff. Many times the resume is your lone opportunity for a first impression – make it count like the article mentions, but “avoid the novella”!