Different Requirements

By, 05/23/2012

I hear it from friends who are currently in the job market—they’re submitting resumes, going to interviews, and yet many of them still wonder, “What exactly are companies looking for in an employee?”

As it (unsurprisingly) turns out, each company looks for different qualities. The size and type of business, company culture and even the product all play a role in what firms desire in their employees. A recent Bloomberg Businessweek article interviewed CEOs of several large companies, asking them what qualities an ideal employee should possess and demonstrate on the job. One CEO looks for people with skills the company currently lacks. Another tests teamwork potential by having potential hires interact with employees from different departments in the interview process.

But one thing all the interviewed CEOs look for, said in one way or another, is a candidate who thinks. They don’t want an automaton sitting at a desk completing tasks—they want someone who can solve problems or think of creative ways to approach a problem. The takeaway? To make a good impression, be interested and engaged in the business, and be prepared to talk about your ability to make it run even better.