Don’t Get Caught in the Net (of Networking)

By, 08/06/2013

We’ve all heard the old saying, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” While this isn’t entirely true, it does emphasize the direct link between networking and potential business opportunities. With available mediums like business conferences, company meetings, and online professional networks, you can connect with others in a variety of ways and times. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember true networking requires time and effort–don’t let the attractive lure of networking lead you into “friending frenzy.” Instead, here are some tips for connecting effectively:

  1. Networks take time to build. It is much easier to network early rather than in a moment of need.
  2. If you have neglected networking and find yourself in a transition, reach out with a purpose. Look for connections with whom you already share common ground.
  3. Don’t assume everyone you network with will help you. They may not feel comfortable recommending you if they don’t feel they can properly vouch for you.

Whenever you build connections, remember a network is a relationship–it requires trust, authenticity and, most importantly, work, to succeed.